01.    Letters As Symbols

An alphabet. The Latin alphabet to be more precise. 26 letters, from A to Z. That’s all what it takes for billions of people to be able to communicate with one another. Basic shapes based on typographical rules which make it possible for you to read and understand this text. Rules, which a designer or typographer happily use to bend and stretch in order to communicate a completely different message.

Letters As Symbols is an international selection of 306 trademarks, logos and symbols where every single one of them is a celebration of breaking and pushing the boundaries of typography. The book shows a combination of logos made by worldwide respected pioneers who have given shape to the industry as we know it today and the work of designers who have the same profound skill in logo design, but who don’t have the name or fame.

The book is therefore not only a celebration of letters as symbols, it is also a celebration of owning the skill of logo design.


This book was made in collaboration with the Belgian pioneer of graphic design, Paul Ibou. Published with the help and support of Stockmans Art Books.

More info: www.logo-books.com


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