03.    Trionfo

Trionfo is a B&B in Gaasbeek, Belgium located almost next to the castle of Gaasbeek. The name of the B&B is inspired by the arch which was built on the domain of the castle in 1813 during the period when marquis Paul Arconati (1754 - 1821) was the owner of the castle and the domain. The Italian was an ardent admirer of Napoleon and he saw the construction of the triumphal arch as a tribute to Bonaparte. The arch was supposed to be the starting point of a connecting road to Paris but it never got to that point.

The owners of the B&B wanted to incorporate this story into their logo. The concept of the B&B is not the classic super cosy, feel good, ‘welcome home’ as how we often see with B&B’s. Trionfo on the other hand focuses mainly on business people and will have a clean, minimalistic interior combined with a touch of natural wood. By aiming at this target group, Trionfo wants to be a place where business can be combined with a relaxing surrounding while offering the best of both worlds. Super modern interior with minimal distraction and for example, workshops on how to make your own Geuze.


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