CEDEPE is the one-man project where I ― Christophe De Pelsemaker ― show a selection of the work I have made since 2012.

Christophe De Pelsemaker

CEDEPE | Growing brands
Christophe De Pelsemaker
Situated near Brussels, Belgium

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After studying graphic design at Sint-Lukas Brussels I started working for some graphic and marketing agencies. In 2014, I chose to go in a different direction and set up CEDEPE. Ever since, I have worked for several companies who want to launch or reinforce their brand(s). With a focus on design, CEDEPE helps growing brands through strategic and visual communication.

I want to create better brands that understand the needs of their customers. I believe that a brand should always add value to a bigger purpose. It is not about the product or service itself, but it is about why the product exists.

Logo Books

Logo Books is my personal project where I share my passion for logos and books through Instagram and YouTube.
Thanks to my project, I have the honor to work with the Belgian graphic design pioneer Paul Ibou on a new book called: Letters As Symbols. Launch Q1 2019.