How brands and love are related

How brands and love are related

Aaah, love… it can be so beautiful. You probably remember that one magical moment when you saw your crush for the first time. You probably felt a bit shy back then, but she (or he) had something mysterious which grabbed your attention and more importantly, kept your interest. You experience all of this unconsciously and that is exactly how brands and love are related.

Love at first sight

Perhaps it was that wonderful smile or that playful look that made you lose your mind. However, at a certain moment, you’ll reach the point where the mask falls off and you’ ll start seeing what is really on the inside.

This is no different with brands. A brand is more than just a nice look and feeling, but it is obviously an important part of it, because who isn’t attracted to beautiful things? This also applies to your (first) crush . Because of that person’s appearances you started getting interested and your desire to get to know this person only got bigger.

Getting to know each other

When you start getting to know each other, an emotional bond is growing between you and the other person. This bond will get bigger when you interact in a positive way with each other. You are starting to build a friendly relationship.
Brands do the exact same thing and thus try to build an emotional relationship with their audience. A brand probably won’t buy you a dozen of roses, but they try to present their products or services in a way that excites you and stimulates your senses. They create products you get attracted to by using different (emotional) approaches. This is what makes brands stand out from one another.

Partner for life

The more time you spend with each other, the better you get to know each other’s personality and characteristics. Before you know, you realize that your values and standards match with the other person’s and that the possibility of building a loving relationship exists.
At the time you realize this , there arises a strong chemistry which brands strive to create as well.

A brand tries to create chemistry with its audience to win their eternal loyalty. This doesn’t happen just by itself. As in love, a brand needs to work and invest constantly in order to be successful. It’s not easy, but being a brand it is important to remain honest about who you are and to stay loyal to the values of the brand.

Real love

When looking for real love, we are carefully selecting features and characteristics that fit to us. Although it might all start with appearances , it is not the ultimate key to success. As a brand, you should not only ensure that you are appealing, but you also need to connect with your audience. Doing so, there is a chance that real love will become true.

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