Epsylon is an umbrella organization of psychiatric care centers in Brussels which offers its patients help and the opportunity to assisted living. The care center needed a new and modern identity which communicated their main goal: giving their patients a happy and mentally healthy life.

The symbol of the Epsylon logo is a dragonfly which symbolizes the change in the way people see themselves when rediscovering themselves. The colors are based on those of a dragonfly and were subtly applied in the further development of the corporate identity.
The strong message behind the logo empowers where Epsylon stands for, what it does and what it wants to achieve for their patients. The story and corporate identity merge perfectly with the values of Epsylon.

Read more about the design process and the story behind the dragonfly.

Epsylon naamkaart
Epsylon envelop
Epsylon CD
Epsylon huisstijl

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